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Hire us and for true expert design and development.
We have earned our stripes.  We work hard.  And we care about the full project life cycle.

Our guys average ten years of experience so your project is done right.

After building slick apps for years, we launched Logical Design Database Solutions to go even further. Our clients benefit from our proven background as we craft the design, architecture, sex appeal, and marketability of their products.

Bring us your big plans and tight schedules!  We can handle ‘em!

Our solutions are created by experts who leverage the latest open source libraries and code techniques. We constantly improve our development process, adapting with the changing tech landscape.  We perfect our own code libraries and customize them to meet increasingly challenging requirements.

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Good Better Best

You need a team that can support these critical phases:

  • Business Strategy – how do you plan to succeed?
  • Product Strategy – what product capabilities will you need?
  • Mobile/Web Design – how will it look?
  • Architecture – how is it built and integrated?
  • Development – the really fun stuff
  • Testing – will users really use it?  can it pass a stress test?


Our Guiding Principles

  • We anticipate change in the midst of a project and actively manage it
  • We provide frequent open communication about progress
  • We educate our clients on how and why
  • We believe in transparency
  • We work within clearly phased project schedules
  • We do make mistakes but can fix most very quickly

Our sustained growth since 2007 is the best possible endorsement of our philosophy.



“Logical Design listened carefully to my vision and worked closely with me to refine my ideas and implement an effective system. They have answered several critical needs for me and my clients over the years, each delivery a huge success by all measures. My work with LD has been a highly effective collaboration and my understanding and vision for how to use technology is stronger today as a result. They focus on process first. Then create an appealing design in a highly collaborative fashion. Then finally, they deliver highly effective applications to support our project objectives. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
- Len Leonidas Managing Partner, Oris Consulting

“Creative and talented think-outside-the-box professionalism, with unsurpassed passion and energy for designing and implementing the right solution”
- Jim Boutilier – former VP Digitas

“Logical Design has faithfully provided us with experienced, professional and hard-working resources that have consistently gone above and beyond what has been expected of them. Keven and his team are without a doubt some of the finest professionals I have had the good fortune to work with.” 
- Greg Marchese, president, Slipstream BPM

“Logical Design and its staff are delightful to work with. Logical Designs promises and delivers. Over the years, I’ve found database techs often don’t or just can’t deliver a good product. Not so with Logical Designs. Its staff are professional; they listen to what you want and create a product that works for you.”
- Brian A. Kane, PICO Upstate

“Logical Design is a first rate development organization that understands the importance of delivering what has been promised and puts clients first”
- Richard Rabins, Co Chairman Alpha Software

“Using intelligence and insight Keven Thibeault and his team at Logical Designs know how to make a difference in a project. I have worked with Keven for years and have never had a problem he didn’t solve. IT professionals that offer solutions, that’s what you’ll find at Logical Design.”
- JC Sarno, FFP Global


Our Approach

Project structure

We set up our projects with a process that supports
- fast and timely project delivery
- accurate and complete requirements
- scope changes during or after development
- conservative project budgets

Every client and every project is unique. Still, over the years we have learned some excellent best practices that help ensure a successful experience. For example, we strive to structure most projects against a 12 week cycle. If the project requires more time, it is often best to adjust the scope to muiltiple phases.
Another best practice is to provide a statement of work for development after the requirements and design is complete. This ensures accurate cost and project planning for all.

Your Project Life Cycle


Tell us everything. We first start with your vision, both short and long term. Then we co-author documentation with you that captures all the rules, data fields, integration points, process flows, and functionality you need.


We turn your vision into an actual blueprint. Using your direction for colors, images, branding, flow, etc., we product wire frames and screen mockups. We take the information from the requirements and model an application that satisfies all the needs expressed. You see and approve the design of the product even before we begin coding.


Development phase produces a prototype for client review, having basic but limited functionality. Then, once approved, the prototype is finished according to design.


In the testing phase, the client must designate an internal resource or resources to thoroghly review the application. We supply a very sophisticated bug and case tracking system so all are on the same page. When issues are identified, they are assigned to the right person for correction, questions, or approval. The result of this phase is a complete and accurate release as described in the first two project phases.


Here we take the finished product and deploy to production servers, change URL’s if needed, set up user accounts, and admin access for the live application. Moving forward we suggest keeping three environments active: development, test, and production.

Technologies We Support

iOS, Android, PHP, Java, AJAX, Javascript, DOJOMySQL,OracleSQL ServerAdobe FlashAlphaFive, Live webcast, .NET, XML, ASP, CSS, XHTML, CMS and more


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