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Beats + (Beats Plus) Instant Drum Loop Machine

BEATS+ is a simple and fun collection of drum loops for stress-free jamming and songwriting accompaniment. No assembly required! Ranging from 1 to 4 bars in length, these loops are great for casual practice or exploring song ideas. Plug into Hi-Fi speakers for the best sound (or just play right from your iPhone!).




✓ Gorgeous, Simple Design
✓ Over 50 Drum Loops (Various styles)
✓ Beat Pack Store (coming soon)
✓ Includes “Hit Song” Pack
(remakes of beats from 12 chart-topping songs)
✓ Easy Tempo Changer (60-190BPM, intervals of 10BPM)
✓ Loud and Clear Sound (Professionally Mastered)
✓ Save Favorites
✓ Randomizer Button
✓ AirPlay & Multitasking-enabled



Alikeu.com Community & News

Alikeu.com Community & News for Martial ArtsAn exciting site for people to promote their TKW, Yoga, Capoeira, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  accomplishment, their upcoming competitions, and follow leaders in the sports they care about most.  There a 100 Million members of the Worldwide Taekwondo Federation.  Alikeu.com provides a new platform allowing members to connect with each other.

Yoga Pillar


Africa World 2010 – Sports portal to track the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer competition in Capetown, South Africa

Mobile app tracks teams, athletes, scores, and other news about the competition.  Integration with live score feeds from FIFA allowed mobile users to follow their favorite teams’ progress live.



Moda – Mobile Fashion hub for trendy Russians

Trending of beauty news and brands iPhone application supporting all major community functions
including news feeds, allows users to chat, charts, trends, videos, and blogs.




ESP Experience – Guitar Tuner, Rock Star Videos, Lessons from the famed guitar maker

Video streaming – watch videos of famous guitarists concerts and guitar lessons. To watch the videos internet connection is required, videos are hosted on Amazon servers.


Application is developed for iPhone & Android OS devices
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/esp-guitar- experience/id387902156?mt=8

Application was developed using Corona SDK which allows having one code base compile it separately for iOS and Android (just a minor changes are required, developer is not required to start from scratch fro the second platform; can be used for simple applications that do not require low-level operations)

+ESP Guitars application for music fans from the brand-name guitar maker
Application allows:
Video streaming – watch videos of famous guitarists concerts and guitar lessons. To watch the videos internet connection is required, videos are hosted on Amazon servers.
Guitar-tuner (available on the iPhone-version only), allows users tuning their guitars (or other musical instruments) with the help of their iPhone
See the detailed information of guitars used by famous guitarists




EHR – Stimulus ROI Calculator

Application is developed for doctor practices to calculate ROI information of Ingenix program they can apply for.  The Federal Government is paying doctors to move all medical records to electronic format in the form of stimulus.  This application tells doctors the money available based on their practice size.




Application allows:

Enter data about the practice (number of providers, patients per year, etc)

See the graph of payment amounts per provider or for entire practice, in addition to the actual numbers

Email PDF file with calculation results, save calculation results for history



Taxi20.com – iPhone App for Taxi Drivers to Locate Fares

The application is developed for iPhone  http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/taxi20-for-drivers/id432834989?

Application is developed using Titanium SDK, which allows minimizing the effort of application creation for a second platform (for example, code is written for iOS only; for Android version the same code base is used, no need to start from scratch).




The target audience for the application is taxi drivers. Passengers are going to place orders on the taxi20.com web site (also developed by LogicalDesign), and taxi drivers will pick the orders using the iPhone app.

[email protected]+Taxi20.com application for taxi drivers

Data enabled phones allow drivers to see the pending orders in the real time –  The list of orders is updated automatically.






Guitar Jams – Learn to Play Guitar on your iPhone

Practice jamming, learning the pentatonic scale and soloing to 5 great sounding jam tracks in keys A, B, C, D, E, F and G right from your iPhone! Our easy-to-read scale charts show you exactly where to put your fingers to start sounding like a pro.

Play tracks hard-coded into the appMusic continues to play even if app is not active

It is possible to switch between tracks (about 70 tracks) without any noticeable delay (optimization was required).

User can change the graphical style of the app with a touch of a button 




Application is developed for iPhone/iTouch

There are several applications available in the appstore.

Click a link to see them all:









Jammit – Helping Musicians to Learn to Play Popular Songs

  • User buys songs (encoded in the special format, which in addition to the sound track includes notes, every party such as guitars and drums is recorded separately, track is divided into beats) on jammit.com


  • Purchased songs will download to user device (mac, iPhone/iTouch or iPad) after the login. User can run application on up to three devices (DRM control). Application provides the following functionality:
  • Possibility to play each instrument party separately (i.e. guitar, drums, second guitar) or several selected parties
  • Record your voice, guitar, drums etc
  • Email your recordings to friends
  • See which notes are being played at the moment
  • Play music in a slow regime
  • Turn metronome on/off
  • Re-play the beats
  • Application is fully ready for production, should become available for the general public on June, 15
  • Application Videos can be viewed on these links:



iPad, iPhone и Mac OSX versions of the app were developed



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