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Chargify, beta out, a simple recurring billing solution for SaaS and Web 2.0 companies


Chargify Recurring Billing Solution

From my background and vantage point, Salesforce.com was the first major software as a service, SaaS, vendor to go mainstream, at least for CRM. Instead of companies forking over ten’s or hundred’s of THOUSANDS of dollars in licensing, Salesforce asks for about $80/month, per employee. If you have 10 sales reps, that is $800 per month, or $9,600 a year, including on-line hosting of the company database.

When young tech companies try to build the next “Salesforce”, we never anticipate the enormous effort to collect monthly billings in a clean automated away.

For subscription sales, Chargify gives companies an easy platform to bill their clients regularly. They handle credit card expirations automatically, seamlessly integrate their platform with your SaaS application.

I just attended the Boston Web Innovators Conference last night where we witnessed a live demo of Chargify’s capabilities.

Web Innovators Group Boston

Web Innovators Group Boston

  • Charge your customers’ credit cards
  • Manage recurring subscriptions effortlessly
  • Seamlessly integrate our API into your site
  • Gain business intelligence from your billing

If you’re in the market for an automated billing system for your business, you should know that Paypal and Google Checkout do not have recurring billing for subscribers.  Building your own is more work than necessary.  Charify DOES NOT charge per transaction, or based on a percentage of the sale.  They have a tiered fee structure.

Up to 50 customers = FREE; Up to 500 customers is $49 and so on.  See their pricing here.

The just released their beta to the public – check em out.  They are based in Needham Massachusetts and have a great future!

- Keven Thibeault

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