Getting Results With Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Facebook is

#1 Social Website

#2 Website (behind

#3 Video Website, serving 125 million videos to 25 million viewers

(As of Sept 2011)

How can one brand own so much of our attention? Facebook consumes up to 50% of the time we spend online. Combine that with the fact that we spend about a THIRD of our leisure time online and we can safely label Facebook an obsession. We are truly obsessed with this brand!

Most stumble upon Facebook out of curiosity. Then they stick around after they reconnect with an old girl friend (and see how many kids she has!), or catch their friends doing something embarrassing. It goes way beyond simple amusement.

Facebook uses technology to expand and advance the most primal and powerful force in our society:


We are social animals. We are wired to touch, see, hear, feel, and experience each other on an emotional level. This why go to clubs, or the movies, or stadiums when its more convenient to hear music, watch films, or football from home.

Facebook provides a new type of immediate connection for 100′s of millions every day. When you spend time on Facebook, be prepared to experience jealousy, amusement, regret, attraction, curiosity, pride, cynicism, shock, competition, and amazement, and even sometimes the most powerful: love. We see the faces of our family and friends. We connect with their cheers and complaints, and feel what they feel all in seconds, and from any device!

So while Logical Design is happy to plan and build your site and mobile product, we also provide expert guidance in Facebook marketing.

Facebook offers entrepreneurs and established businesses a unique and unprecedented platform to attract prospects, engage in a community or build their own, of course sell, and otherwise promote themselves. We employ intelligent, common sense methods to get results for our clients.

We teach you how to

  • Establish Your Own Voice on Facebook
  • Separate Yourself from the Crowd
  • Earn Money by Advertising on Facebook
  • Set up your Facebook Page
  • Attract Facebook Fans
  • Integrate your Company Site with your Facebook page
  • Build a Facebook Centric Brand with your Page
  • Set up and run a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Sell Your Products
  • Help Others in Need through Charitable Associations
  • Run Events on and off Facebook
  • Measure and Track Your Facebook Statistics
  • and More


We are helping some of the leading companies with their strategies. So Call Us Today – 617-418-1107 to talk about your plans. We know our stuff and are ready to help !

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