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iHusband app remotely activates hubby's iPhone cam and mic


by Keven Thibeault

iWife Screen shots

iWife Screen shots

In January 2010 iPhone app developer David F. Snelling published iWife 1.1 , selling for 99 cents.  It allows users to store images and contact links for their wife or partner.  Basically it was a social networking app allowing only one single contact in your network – your wife.

iWife 1.1

iWife 1.1 (David Snelling)

I was curious so I searched the iTunes store and was surprised to find NO “iHusband“.

We at Logical Design plan to launch iHusband summer of 2010 and suspect there could be a big market for it.  We came up with these compelling features and guess it would sell like shamwows, but maybe not as good as Grand Theft Auto or Chess.

iHusband provides:

  1. Remote stealth installation initiated from wife’s iPhone
  2. Remote activation of husband’s iPhone camera and mic, from wife’s iPhone
  3. Live video and audio feeds from hubby’s iPhone streamed and played on wife’s iPhone
  4. GPS ‘breadcrumb’ display of husbands whereabouts overlaid onto Google Maps
  5. Instant on-demand sync of husband’s call, text, tweet, Facebook activity
  6. Verified schedule summary of games shown at local sports pubs, listed by bowling night, poker night, and fantasy football night.
  7. Warning alarm sounds on wife’s iPhone if husband enters any Best Buy, Guitar Center, Porche DealerApple Store, Casino, or Gentlemen’s club
iHusband in use

iHusband in use

5 Responses to “iHusband app remotely activates hubby's iPhone cam and mic”

  1. as long as the iPaycheck keeps coming I’m not sure many iWives iGiveAShit what their iHusbands are doing enough to install this app. ;)

    • Lucas
    • Reply
  2. Good stuff, Keven!

    I look forward to more humor as as well as the actual app!

    One question – Will iWife have a firewall to protect against denial of service attacks from iMistress?

    • Messina Marketing
    • Reply
  3. iMistress will likely be a point upgrade to iWife, sources say.

  4. I think this would sell off the charts, not sure what that says about us as a society…

    • sjpetteruti
    • Reply

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