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The iPhone, developed by Apple, is one of the premier devices available in today’s smartphone market. With nearly half of the market share, it is one of the most popular cellular phones available, and the sheer number of iPhones that one sees in the hands of students, businesspeople, and others from all walks of life is a testament to their popularity. With nearly three hundred thousand applications, the iTunes Store is the largest app store in the mobile industry, and is constantly adding new applications to its expansive repertoire.

The iPhone runs on an operating system known as iOS, the same system that acts as a platform for the iTouch and iPad. The iPhone makes use of its enhanced capabilities through the wide variety of applications available in the iTunes Store, which allow users to interact with the device in ways which would have been deemed impossible a decade ago; for example, users can use their phone as a remote starter for their car, turn their oven on remotely so that their dinner is ready when they get home, and even watch television programs recorded on their digital video recorders. The capabilities of an iPhone are seemingly endless, and applications are the driving force behind all that it can do.

The hundreds of thousands of applications in the iTunes Store were created by many different individuals and companies, from all walks of life. Some were made by students, others by large mobile application development companies. What they all have in common, however, is that they all started with an idea. There are many different people who have great ideas for iPhone applications, but some of them lack the technological know-how to translate those ideas into working apps. This is where iPhone development companies come in, because they have the necessary skills and expertise to create an app from scratch, and make a client’s idea a reality.

Some mobile app development companies only offer services and solutions for one of the major mobile operating systems. In this regard, iPhone users are lucky, because iPhone’s large market share means that many of the companies which restrict themselves to creating applications for one platform will be working with iOS. However, some companies, such as Logical Design DBS, will create applications for any of the major operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Logical Design DBS even creates applications that are written in CMS coding, which means they are able to run not only on an iPhone, but on an Android phone as well.

Even those who don’t own portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, are aware of their ubiquity in today’s society. As one of the most popular of these devices, Apple’s iPhone leads the industry in mobile application development, as well as other mobile innovations. There is a great deal of money to be made in the mobile application industry, and no one really knows what the next great app will be, which is why it’s important for anyone who has an idea for a great mobile phone application to put their idea into motion. Those who lack the technological know-how to write applications, but have great ideas for new apps, can look to mobile application development companies like Logical Design DBS to do the programming and software work for them, and make their dream a reality.

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