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Jammit – Helping Musicians to Learn to Play Popular Songs

  • User buys songs (encoded in the special format, which in addition to the sound track includes notes, every party such as guitars and drums is recorded separately, track is divided into beats) on jammit.com


  • Purchased songs will download to user device (mac, iPhone/iTouch or iPad) after the login. User can run application on up to three devices (DRM control). Application provides the following functionality:
  • Possibility to play each instrument party separately (i.e. guitar, drums, second guitar) or several selected parties
  • Record your voice, guitar, drums etc
  • Email your recordings to friends
  • See which notes are being played at the moment
  • Play music in a slow regime
  • Turn metronome on/off
  • Re-play the beats
  • Application is fully ready for production, should become available for the general public on June, 15
  • Application Videos can be viewed on these links:



iPad, iPhone и Mac OSX versions of the app were developed



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