Product Strategy


We help you plan how your site will serve it’s audience and how it will earn revenue or cut costs for your organization. We have deep experience in modeling future revenue, costs, operational investments etc. Use us in the earliest stages of your planning.

Mobile Application Development
iPhone applications, mobile friendly microsites, tablet pc, pen computing, widgets, hybrid cross platform, SMS response platforms for integrated campaigns

Social Media

Engage users with blog and community functionality. Provide users a platform where information can be created and exchanged freely. Users comment on each others posts, videos, photos, links, etc, all to build connection and community.

Graphic Design

Very critical to the project, we carefully prepare clearly written requirements and designs, often co-authored with us. We carefully capture functionality, process flows, integration points, reporting, and security needs.


Link Building Services, Article Submission, Directory Submission, Social Media Optimization, Blog Submission, Content Creation

Rich Media

Live event streaming in HD, On Demand Content, Paid Access + Content, Video/Audio contests, User generated content, Private access through subscription models, Music Label A&R new talent sourcing, Video conferencing. We can build virtually any rich media based application or add rich media to your current applications to make them more appealing and effective.

3rd Party Integration

Photobucket can store all the images in your application. Your video clips can stream from a high capacity Content Delivery Network like Limelight for example, saving your servers from certain disaster in case of high traffic. CDN integration can also be useful in securing private proprietary content. For example we offer On Demand video, where users rent a title for 24 hours. This application protects the content DRM and revenue stream simultaneously.

Database Applications
Smart, apps to support complex workflows, driven by data; B2B or consumer apps for commerce, community, or specialized functions
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