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As mobile devices and operating systems continue to evolve, apps and functionalities available bring everything within reach. Today you can access your pc, your home security cameras, your heating and lighting, even your DVR all from the palm of your hand.

See Slingbox mobile for example. Watch TV from your cable box on your mobile device. No really! You can view LIVE TV as well saved DVR shows. By utilizing the SlingPlayer app on your Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS or Android operating systems, it is now possible to dial in and never have to miss a show or sporting event.

Then there is the Iris mobile-phone-controlled security camera that is network independent and capable of uploading video to a secure server, and then streaming it to your EDGE or 3G. If there is movement in the room, it will activate, record the events and immediately send the footage to you via SMS. And of course if you prefer to just monitor from time to time, multiple users can simply dial in at will to look in on things – simultaneously even.

For mobile access to your home or work PC or Mac, there is LogMeIn. A completely secure VPN, LogMeIn provides mobile access to any of your computers, any where at any time. This is great for personal use but for businesses, it is even better. Management and IT teams can remotely log in to monitor or support PCs, Macs and smartphones on-demand anywhere – even those with dynamic IP addresses or behind firewalls. File transfer, network drive mapping and machine administration can all be accomplished in the background without disrupting end users. Remote access to your PC is not new of course, but Logmein has a simple elegant solution for all your computing devices, mobile and otherwise.

With instant mobile access no one ever has to miss a TV show, a security threat or an urgently needed file on an otherwise inaccessible computer.

By Jon Simpson, Logical Design, September 28, 2010

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