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Full version of Google Docs now working on iPad


Engadget 12/10/10

The big G just revamped its mobile device interface of Google Docs to make it closer to the full-fledged experience you get when editing from a proper computer — you know, something that probably has a keyboard, a big display, and a price that didn’t come with any two year agreements. Now that top shelf interface is also available on one of those devices that fits somewhere in-between those two segments: theiPad. Users of Apple’s tablet can opt into the desktop version for big-time editing of spreadsheets and documents and, while Google still recommends using the mobile editor, if you want full power it’s yours.  This is an extra sentence.

sourceGoogle Docs Blog

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Google Docs. Just bought and iPad this Christmas so will be sure to check out this app.

    • Adam Trevor
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