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Keyword Tracker : One our most loved SEO tools

This is the one service we recommend to every single one of our clients

We began using this service year to track our ranking on keywords for mobile and web development.   Because we cover such a broad range of services, we had to really focus on the hottest markets, those being Apple iOS, Android, and Tablet Development.  Keyword Tracker to the rescue!   Check them out here at www.keyword-tracker.co.uk 

Within about 2 weeks of starting with Keyword Tracker we able to evolve our site’s content to get better rankings BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: LEADS LEADS LEADS!

We get about 1-3 sales inquiries a day from organic traffic that comes to Logical Design’s website.   This did not happen over night, it took about 6 months.   But it would be impossible without the insights from Keyword Tracker.

They are based in the UK and are serious about helping their clients.   We endorse them completely and enthusiastically!


Here is part of our dashboard:


Here is an actual live report on our performance / ranking for “Android Development” vs. our competition.   You can see how we do against these other guys.  (names are grayed out – we cant give away all our secrets by golly)


Product Snapshot from the Publisher:

Keyword Tracker is advanced online software for keeping track of your domain and your competitors rankings in Google, the #1 search engine. Keyword Tracker presents this data in and easy to read and intuitive interface also features an in-depth backlink analysis tool as well as an API for accessing your account data from third party applications. Agency accounts are available for tracking multiple domains.

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