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Lenovo to sell $600 “K1 Tablet”; runs both Windows and Android


Lenovo, the company spun off from IBM, and maker of the top of the line PC Latptop : Thinkpad announced today, the coming release of the  K1 tablet.

Lenovo’s new tablets run both Google Android and Windows 7, and are being positioned as viable competitors in both the consumer and business spheres.

As consumers and business users advance their use of tablets, Windows has largely been left behind.  The upcoming Windows 8 will be fully tablet optimized, while the current Windows 7 is tablet capable.

Expect more sophisticated animation, swiping, and other advanced touch capabilities.

This unit also sports an 8 hour battery life.

This battery life is critical to business users who need power for a full day.

There are only 2 other Windows Tablets on the market to have an 8 hour battery life in the SUB $1000 price range : Motion CL900, and Fujitsu Stylistic Q550.

Many corporate and government organizations have been slow to adopt tablets, not for cost, but for the the sheer lack of a Windows Option.  IT departments are loathe to add complexity to an already chaotic hardware ecosystem.  The last thing they want is a new O/S to support.

As more tablet manufacturers offer a Windows option, we will see increased business use and tablet sales.

Price points for tablets are about the same for low end laptops.   If the main use of the device to light data entry, browsing, and email, then a tablet is a perfect fit.

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