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Hello world – opening Logical Blog posting

I may have waited too long, BUT here I am blogging finally where it matters most on my own company website.  I should have started ages ago, especially since reading The New Influencers by Paul Gillin earlier this year.   This landmark book documents the massive shift taking place in promotion, publicity, and communications in our world.  This critical platform gives us the chance to dialog without the filters of media companies and marketing departments.

The New Influencers also successfully convinced me, a 20 year IT veteran to finally share my view of the tech world with savvy business leaders and future leaders.  I can proudly state that I am likely the very last guy in America to graduate with a BS in Business Administration having had absolutely no computer experience whatsoever.  This is 1988 when some on campus were trying to sell XT computers.  With 10 mb hard drives even!  Can you imagine?!

Basic programming example

Were it not for multiple choice test questions, and brainy generous lab partners, I might have never graduated at all.  Back then I had no use for technology.  All schools taught back then was programming.  If you could make the dot matrix print a Christmas tree you could pass!  I was no programmer, nor did I ever want to be.

But it’s all changed now.  I taught myself everything I know about technology and want to share it all with you.  I have built companies and deployed systems large and small.

Now I own a successful software development company in Boston, one of our most important technology centers.

This blog will provide information and opinion on technology and applications to business.  We especially love startups and will focus on developments most relevant to these visionary companies.  Please leave feedback of all kinds and tell your friends!

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